Android Wear 2.0: Google uses more self-government in Smartwatches

Android Wear 2.0: Google uses more self-government in Smartwatches

Android Wear 1.0 is as good as dead. Manufacturers such as LG or Motorola have stopped the development for the time being, Samsung relies on Tizen. The new release of Smartwatch-OS Android Wear, which Google has already announced, will only appear after delays in 2017. But then, along with new hardware.

Not from but with more Google

Together with partners, Google will still be available in the first quarter of 2017 with two smartwatches based on Android 2.0 on the market. From which partners the two clocks will be, Jeff Chang, the Google Manager for Android Wear responsible product manager, would not betray the Verge yet. In contrast to the products from the hardware offensive to the smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL in the fall, the watches are not marketed as #madebygoogle, but continue to bear the name and name of the respective manufacturer.

However, Google had more than previously intervened in the development of the two models. In addition, Google will also have more influence on marketing, in order to raise awareness for new developments.

Android Wear has little market share yet

According to analyzes conducted by market research companies, the worldwide sale of smart watches has recently fallen sharply. Apple had contradicted this presentation however. In addition to the manufacturer from Cupertino current figures are, however, still only Garmin and Samsung on the market of relevance, together they come to a market share of almost 80 percent – none of which still uses Android Wear.

Google had introduced Android Wear 2.0 already in May 2016, since then there are also pre-versions for developers. The new generation will be able to run apps directly on the clock and provide support for Android Pay. Many but not all current watches with Android Wear 1.0 are to receive an update.



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