Huawei Watch 2: Pictures show sporty smartwatch with SIM slot

Huawei Watch 2: Bilder zeigen sportliche Smartwatch mit SIM-Schacht

Pictures will show the new Huawei Watch 2. The first Huawei Watch has been shown by the manufacturer for the MWC 2015 and has not been revised since. The successor is expected together with the presentation of the P10 in a few days, again at the MWC.

While the first generation has an elegant, reserved exterior made of stainless steel and various bracelets, the successor appears much more sporty. According to the pictures, the new Smartwatch has a second button as well as sporty bracelets in different colors and patterns. Another special feature is the Nano-SIM slot, which makes the watch more independent from the smartphone.

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While the new smart watches LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style can be operated via a rotating crown, the Huawei Watch 2 lacks this function. According to David Ruddock, editorial director of Android Police, this is due to the fact that the Watch 2 is an old product and Huawei waited with the concept until the release of Android Wear 2.0, which appeared only with some delay. According to Ruddock, the removal of NFC in the Watch 2 is conceivable, which would not be compatible with Android Pay.

AFAIK, Huawei Watch 2 is an old product. Huawei delayed it until wear 2.0 what done. Thus, no rotating center crown button.

– David Ruddock (@RDR0b11) February 24, 2017

Further details about the technical equipment are not yet known. The performance is expected on Sunday when Huawei holds its press conference on the Mobile World Congress 2017.




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