Wearables: Swatch develops Smartwatch operating system…

Wearables: Swatch entwickelt Smartwatch-Betriebssystem

The Swiss watch group The Swatch Group is working on its own operating system for smartwatches, which is to compete with Google’s watchOS and Android Wear. The first watch with the Swatch-OS will be marketed by the Tissot brand and will be released by the end of 2018.

Longer run times and more privacy

For several years, the watch giant has been preparing for the launch of the first in-house Smartwatch. As early as 2015, Swatch filed 173 patent applications relating to smartwatches and networked watches in the USA and internationally. Group CEO Nick Hayek mentions two key advantages that the watch system should distinguish from the placements in Silicon Valley. Firstly, the Swatch technology requires less energy, allowing longer battery life, and secondly, Swatch gives customers greater privacy than other smartwatch systems.

In addition, the intelligent Tissot watch is designed to connect with networked objects and other wearables. Swatch recently announced the development of the world’s smallest and most energy-saving Bluetooth chips in individual application scenarios.

Swatch is developing the Smartwatch OS together with the Swiss Research and Development Center CSEM. The Group is ready to make the software available to third parties.

Self-developed batteries as a possible trump

Hayek did not provide any further details about the technology underlying the clock OS. Own batteries could be one of the keys for long running times. As early as 2015, the CEO announced in an interview a “revolutionary” battery technology, which is intended to supply electric cars as well as smartwatches. However, Swatch was not able to meet the planned release date last year.

Despite this, the Group continues to rely on the battery developed by the Renata subsidiary as they offer more power and shorter charging times. For Hayek, perennial batteries are one of the most important trumps on the smartwatch market: “A consumer who is traveling a lot today does not want to carry a charger for the clock.” Therefore, the manufacturer who puts a battery on the market A smart watch for six months with energy, a competitive advantage.



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