BaselWorld: Samsung shows luxury variant of the Smartwatch Gear S3

Basel World: Samsung zeigt Luxusvariante der Smartwatch Gear S3

Samsung is exhibiting new watch concepts at the Swiss watch fair Baselworld. In addition to a luxury variant of the Smartwatch Gear S3, Samsung also shows two mechanical concepts based on the casing of Gear S3.

As recently TAG Heuer wants also Samsung fuse the areas Smartwatch and mechanical wristwatch further. In cooperation with the Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa, who already participated in the Gear S3, he developed a luxury variant of the Smartwatch. Samsung does not go into detail and describes the revision only with the words “in the processing still a draufsetzt”. Also the pictures of the revised version do not reveal much and show only in comparison to the Gear S3 classic a black watch body, a modified bezel and adapted buttons. To illustrate the possibilities for customization, Samsung also presents various color and material versions of the watch.


The second watch concept is set up completely without a smart function. The case of the Gear S3 was equipped with a Swiss movement. The skeleton clocks allow an unimpeded view of the balance and the inner life. The same concept was also transferred to a pocket watch, in which Samsung also shows a smart variant. The Gear S3 in the pocket-clock format carries the form of a compass and offers even the appropriate north and south needle on the outside.



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