Smartwatches: Applewatch is to be LTE-capable

Smartwatches: Apple Watch soll LTE-fähig werden

Apple plans for the next Apple watch generation a mobile radio variant, according to the analyst Christopher Rolland. The watch should become more attractive to customers and more independent of the iPhone. In addition, the interplay between the Apple Watch and the AirPods is extended by the LTE function.

LTE version is now only practical

Ever since the first Apple Watch, rumors of a model with LTE connectivity hold. Apple should have tested the function in the past. Due to the high energy consumption, however, the battery-charging time has decreased so much that the iPhone group has so far failed to implement an LTE implementation.

Meanwhile the corresponding chips in the cooperation with the other clock hardware are however energy-saving enough to come for the Apple Watch. Apple still had concerns about too short battery life and the space consumption within the narrow-sized housing. Nevertheless, according to Christoper Rolland, the company is determined to implement the feature in the upcoming watch generation. In any case, the space requirement should be comparatively low, since Apple is most likely to rely on a fixed eSIM instead of a conventional SIM slot.

Better use of AirPods, more independence from the iPhone

In addition, Apple after the presentation of the LTE-enabled Apple Watch the AirPods as an ideal supplement for the clock, so Rolland. Apple Watch users should be able to receive and make calls with Apple’s Bluetooth headsets. Other features such as the streaming of Apple Music would be possible through LTE without the support of the iPhone.

It is still unclear whether all models of the third Apple watch generation receive LTE support or, similar to the iPads, their own mobile phone variants go for an extra charge in the sale. The publication is expected to be scheduled for the autumn.



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