Diabetes: Apple is also working on a sensor to measure blood glucose

Diabetes: Auch Apple arbeitet an Sensor zur Blutzuckermessung

According to a CNBC report, Apple is researching a new measurement method for the blood glucose level of diabetics. The aim of the Group is to develop non-invasive sensors for the continuous determination of values. In this way, conventional measuring methods, which literally go under the skin of the patient, become superfluous.

Breakthrough for modern medicine

According to the report, the research started at least five years ago and focuses on optical sensors which permanently monitor the blood glucose level via light. This will allow a more effective treatment of diabetes. In addition, patients could significantly measure their blood glucose levels. The work was so advanced that Apple could already implement feasibility studies in medical facilities along the California Bay Area.

If the iPhone company manages to produce a market-ready solution, this would be a breakthrough in modern medicine. Various companies have already failed in similar products with optical technology, as it is a great challenge to precisely measure the glucose values ​​without piercing the skin for the removal of a blood sample. Experts estimate the development costs to be “hundreds of millions or even a billion dollars.”

Apple employs biomedical team

Apple’s biomedical group consists of about 30 people, and is headed by Johny Srouji, Apple’s chief hardware engineer. The team did not work from the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, but under great secrecy in an inconspicuous office complex a few kilometers away in Palo Alto.

The Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, had originally initiated Apple’s advance into the medical sector. The company’s then head of the company was to develop wearables that measure a wide range of vital functions. Based on Apple’s current product portfolio, the Apple Watch would be a conceivable terminal for the blood glucose sensors.

Google develops contact lens with similar function

Apple is not the only Silicon Valley company to research in the field of noninvasive blood glucose monitoring. Google is also working on an everyday solution. The search engine giant relies on an intelligent contact lens that determines the diabetes-relevant values ​​via the carrier’s tear fluid.



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