Ze Time: Hybrid Smartwatch concept with hands and display

Ze Time: Hybrides Smartwatch-Konzept mit Zeigern und Display

 With the Ze Time, a new kind of smartwatch concept is shown which, despite the analogue time display by means of a pointer, offers a full-surface touch display. Beyond the size of watchOS, Android Wear or Tizen, the Ze Time relies on its own operating system and surpasses the required kickstarter funding by a hundredfold.

Four layer construction

The new, hybrid design implements the Ze Time with four levels. A round TFT display with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels in diameter is used as the basic level. In the middle of the display is a small hole for the drive of the above arranged pointer. The next layer is the touch panel, which is finally protected by a watch glass. The hybrid design is primarily intended to serve design and battery life. Current smartwatches do not show a permanent time when the always-on function or power-saving mode is deactivated, which is unsightly for many users and outsiders.

The handsets are synchronized via the paired smartphone, with the minimum requirement being Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0 as well as Bluetooth according to the LE standard.

The watch body is made of stainless steel and is available in two sizes. While the large offshoot has a 44 mm housing diameter and a display diagonal of 1.22 inches, the smaller version with a diameter of 39 mm and a display diagonal of 1.05 inch is therefore available.

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Both have a term of up to 30 days. The larger branch has a 200 mAh battery, the small variant offers a nominal charge of 180 mAh. However, the manufacturer differentiates. The maximum running time of 30 days refers only to the operation of the analogue hands. In regular operation as Smartwatch, the runtime is named up to three days. Charging is done without contact via a corresponding charging dock.

Sleek operating system

With the “Mykronoz OS”, the Ze Time starts with its own operating system. The system is divided into the sub-items remote, notifications and activity tracking. A variety of third-party apps are already supported from the inside. In addition to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the vendor also includes Gmail, Skype and Uber. However, it is not mentioned whether an interaction, for example in the form of answering messages, is possible.

With the Senorik, the Ze Time uses standard food and offers a heart rate sensor and a 3-axis acceleration sensor. The housing is sealed up to a water depth of 30 meters.

“Make Wearables Great Again”

In addition to the distinction of the size, the Ze Time also staggered into the editions Original, Premium and Elite. The Originaledition uses simple silicone bracelets, the Premiumedition on leather and fabric bracelets and the Eliteedition on metal band or Milanese bracelets.

The kickstarter campaign, which was launched under the motto “Make Wearables Great Again”, was very popular today. If the manufacturer initially called for a financing target of 50,000 US dollars, the project reached more than five million US dollars with more than 26,000 supporters. While the various clock events were available in the price kick-offs of 119, 137 and 149 US dollars during the kickstarter campaign, the later retail price will be $ 199 for the Ze Time Original. For the Premiumedition, an extra charge of 30, for the Elitevariante of 50 US dollar is called out. The delivery will take place from September 2017, whereby the project supporters are initially considered.



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