Apple: Next Apple Watch is to get blood glucose sensor

Apple: Nächste Apple Watch soll Blutzuckersensor bekommen

The clues to a glucose sensor in the Apple Watch are condensing. After Apple’s progress on new blood glucose metering methods was already announced, the function of a message from BGR could already be available in the next generation of Apple Watch.

More health features for the Apple Watch

Last year, according to BGR, Apple has committed 200 experts with a doctorate from the health and medical sector to raise the health function of the clock to a new level. Diabetics should benefit from optical, non-invasive sensors, which monitor the user’s blood glucose level permanently via light. The optical method would greatly simplify both the measurement and the treatment by conventional methods.

Apple could outsource features in wristband

Where the above-mentioned health sensors will be installed is still unclear. Instead of in the watch case itself, the feature according to BGR sources could also be found in the bracelet of the watch.

Apple plans anyway a series of interchangeable intelligent bracelets, which are to offer various additional functions. For example, another battery is available for longer battery life, a camera and sensors for measuring vital functions. Even the targeted LTE connectivity would not necessarily be accommodated in the watch case.


Smartwatch should be as important as smartphone

Apple still has big ambitions with the Apple Watch, so BGR. The company has identified “the right body of the body and there is still so much what they are going to do with the watch.” The company’s intention is to make the Smartwatch at least as indispensable in everyday life as the smartphone does today Already.



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