Lenovo: New Moto Mods for Alexa and a gamepad

Lenovo: Neue Moto Mods für Alexa und ein Gamepad

In addition to the new smartphones Moto G5 and G5 Plus, Lenovo has also announced new Moto Mods. Just recently, a person in charge of the Middle East said that the company is introducing 12 new modules this year – six Lenovo has announced as the MWC 2017.

The Moto Mod platform has shown Lenovo for the first time with the Moto Z and also extended to the more favorable Moto Z Play. All modules will also be compatible with upcoming smartphones over the next three years. The modules are mounted magnetically and the data is transmitted via pins.

MotoMod-Anschluss und die zugehörigen Pins
MotoMod connector and associated pins

Alexa meets Moto

A new mod is an add-on for the integration of Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa, known by the speakers Echo (Dot). Through the mod, functions of the artificial intelligence should also be usable on the way, such as the control of Smart Home. As with the loudspeakers, this should be done completely via voice control. The Moto Mod is to integrate an additional loudspeaker. The Alexa integration is to come later in the year on the market.

The smartphone is handheld by module

Another module that Lenovo has announced makes the smartphone the mobile console. The Moto Mod adds an additional battery to the smartphone and buttons for controlling games on the sides – visually, the concept reminds the Nintendo Switch with connected Joy-Con. In addition, the modular gamepad has a loudspeaker and pre-installed games. In the summer the accessories will appear.

Four times power supply

Not all mods are specified exactly, some call Lenovo only roughly at the name or with a description. In addition, four of the six announced modules have a reference to the power supply and battery, so that the number of mods increases, but the variety to the current state is only limited.

A model is an external battery which, unlike the module announced at the start of the Moto Z, does not apply thickly, but still offers 50% additional charge. In addition, a mod appears to be able to charge the smartphone wirelessly, a module with quick charge function as well as an unspecified “charge adapter”.



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