LG G6 hands-on: wide angle camera and fullVision display tried

LG G6 Hands-On: Weitwinkel-Kamera und FullVision-Display ausprobiert

Two particularly exciting features is the new LG G6: the larger 18: 9 display in the smaller housing and the dual camera with wide angle on the second lens. ComputerBase the display has looked closer and a handful of test photos shot with the G6 to show the differences in the field of view.

Wide-angle camera has field of view of 125 degrees

LG’s new dual camera operates with two 13 megapixel sensors, while the G5 were still 16 megapixels on the main camera and 8 megapixels on the wide angle camera. Equally, however, that only the main camera is equipped with the more light-sensitive f / 1.8 aperture and an optical image stabilizer. The wide-angle camera has an f / 2.4 aperture. The G6 does not expose itself in the test scenario longer, but uses higher ISO values to compensate for the weaker lens。

Capture objects completely in the edge area The wide-angle camera of the LG G5 still offered a field of view of 135 degrees, the G6 has slightly reduced the field of view to 125 degrees. Nevertheless, the second camera still shoots impressive shots, which let the user look almost around the corner, so strong is the wide angle. This means that you should not put your fingers on the back of the G6 near the camera in the wide angle mode, as these are otherwise visible in the edge area of the photo.

A water bottle placed almost to the same depth but on the side of the smartphone is still completely captured in the recording with a wide-angle camera. With the standard camera, the bottle disappears again from the viewfinder and the field of view shrinks noticeably. In the wide-angle photo, however, a clear distortion is recognizable.

LG G6 mit aktivierter Weitwinkel-Kamera fängt auch Randbereiche noch ein
LG G6 with activated wide-angle camera also captures border areas
Multi-vision field leads to more distortion

To see more with the wide angle also means having to live with more distortion before all in the margins of the recordings. LG does not correct the distortion in the image processor. The comparison between normal camera and wide angle with the LG-Werbetafel shows the distortion well.

LG G6 Standard-Kamera (f/1.8, ISO 50, 1/33 s)
LG G6 standard camera (f / 1.8, ISO 50, 1 / 33s)

LG G6 Weitwinkel-Kamera (f/2.4, ISO 100, 1/33 s)
LG G6 wide angle camera (f / 2.4, ISO 100, 1 / 33s)

LG G6 Standard-Kamera (f/1.8, ISO 50, 1/50 s)
LG G6 standard camera (f / 1.8, ISO 50, 1 / 50s)

LG G6 Weitwinkel-Kamera (f/2.4, ISO 50, 1/50 s)
LG G6 wide angle camera (f / 2.4, ISO 50, 1 / 50s)

LG G6 Standard-Kamera (f/1.8, ISO 50, 1/33 s)
LG G6 standard camera (f / 1.8, ISO 50, 1 / 33s)

LG G6 Weitwinkel-Kamera (f/2.4, ISO 100, 1/33 s)
LG G6 wide angle camera (f / 2.4, ISO 100, 1 / 33s)

LG G6 Standard-Kamera (f/1.8, ISO 50, 1/33 s)
LG G6 standard camera (f / 1.8, ISO 50, 1 / 33s)

LG G6 Weitwinkel-Kamera (f/2.4, ISO 50, 1/33 s)
LG G6 wide angle camera (f / 2.4, ISO 50, 1 / 33s)

New display provides two equal halves

LG wanted to use the G6 more efficiently the front of the smartphone for the display and more display in a smaller housing. This has necessarily led to a new display format in 18: 9 or also 2: 1. In Android, LG therefore uses many functions that divide the display into exactly two equal squares, with different camera modes that display a square viewer and the square result at the same time, or with two open apps in the same size view.

Die 1:1-Kamera mit Sucher und Galerie ist ein Anwendungsbeispiel
The 1: 1 camera with viewfinder and gallery is an application example
Round corners at the exhibitors still too square

In order to integrate the new display harmoniously into the front of the smartphone, LG has rounded the corners of the panel and adapted it to the roundness of the case. This looks much better than tapered display pages, which would bite with the remaining design. LG has not completely perfected the rounding of the panel however at least: at least with the exhibited devices the rounding does not extend completely into the transition to the straight line, but ends shortly before it. The radius of the curve has been chosen too large for the transition in the concrete example.

FullVision panel with good presentation

Apart from these smaller and possibly the pre-production status owed failures, the display convinces with rich colors, a good black value and stable viewing angles from every perspective. The brightness of the panel can only be roughly estimated in the exhibition hall, but seems to be on a good level.

iPhone 7 Plus mit 5,5 Zoll neben LG G6 mit 5,7 Zoll
IPhone 7 Plus with 5.5 inches next to LG G6 with 5.7 inches

First conclusion: LG is back on course with the G6

The G6 may at first sight offer less innovative features than the G5, but the module system has turned out to be a nonsensical gimmick, which the market has not accepted. The G6 again reflects on the essential functions of a smartphone and that makes it good. Not the most recent system-on-a-chip should not be given too much weight, good processing, display, battery and camera count more, and all this offers the G6 rated at the first impression.

Update 01.03.2017 12:21 h

Apps does not disturb the rounded display

In the forum, the question was asked what happens with apps from third-party providers, which were not adapted like the LG applications to the corners in the corners of the G6. Compared to a rectangular display in the curves is actually a very small part of the app view. The radius of the display curves has however been selected so small by LG that only a fraction of the app is no longer visible. In addition, practically all apps are designed in such a way that no relevant information is displayed in the outermost edges of the corners.

However, the 18: 9 display format makes itself visible as soon as videos are viewed in the rather usual 16: 9 format. Then, for example, the user sees black bars to the right and left of the content being viewed in the YouTube app. In LG’s own video app for self-copying videos copied to the device, there is a zoom function on 18: 9, but then is missing up and down a small piece of content.



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