BlackBerry KeyOne Hands-On: Keyboard Smartphone tried for regular customers

BlackBerry KeyOne Hands-On: Tastatur-Smartphone für Stammkunden ausprobiert

Click, klick, klick, wisch, schwupps: Text to write sounds with the BlackBerry KeyOne differently and is fast on the display. The new BlackBerry smartphone is also excellently processed and is likely to appeal to the business target group.

The keyboard is back

The KeyOne is the first BlackBerry smartphone since the Priv, which is again equipped with a hardware keyboard. This time, however, it does not hide behind the display, but sits below the 4.5-inch panel in 3: 2 format. If you type a lot with the smartphone, you quickly notice that the hardware keyboard does not occupy more or even less space than a software keyboard. In all other scenarios, a pure touch smartphone naturally offers more workspace.

The Keys of the KeyOne click with each stop. If you sit next to a typing BlackBerry user, you know that in a matter of seconds. For touch users, the KeyOne is initially a change, the times of real keyboards on a smartphone have fallen into oblivion for many. Different for former and still BlackBerry users: they will find themselves quickly with the KeyOne.

Flick typing for word suggestions

The flip typing of the KeyOne is practical: The BlackBerry technology does not have to select word prompts from a touch screen on the display, but select them via short wipes on the keyboard. The keyboard of the KeyOne is at the same time also a touchpad, which can be used, for example, for navigation to the individual Android home screens. For flick-typing, a vertical wiping movement must be performed over the keyboard in the direction of the word suggestion. If you hold the KeyOne with two hands, these movements can simply be carried out over the thumbs.

The keyboard is also illuminated so that it can still be used when tapping in a dark environment. However, the backlighting does not take place clearly via individual LEDs per button, since the illumination is not evenly uniform. Some buttons light up slightly, others slightly darker. In the only non-illuminated button, the emptying button, a fingerprint sensor sits for the first time.


The future of BlackBerry

The future of BlackBerry Mobile, the newly established brand for new BlackBerry smartphones from the TCL subsidiary TCT Communication, will look more like the KeyOne and less like the previously announced DTEK smartphones. Many hardware designers from the old BlackBerry Limited have switched to TCT Communication, the company said in the conversation.

In view of the flawless processing of the KeyOne, this sounds like a promising announcement. The mixture of anodized aluminum and a non-slip back makes a very high-quality impression. The target group of business customers is likely to like this. It has also been confirmed that new BlackBerry smartphones will no longer use the DTEK name scheme. Instead, separate new product names such as now at KeyOne are planned.

Asked by BlackBerry how the KeyOne will hit the market, it was not easy to find a satisfactory answer despite the convincing first impressions. Market shares of the established Android and Apple competition, BlackBerry probably will not be able to snap, Stammkunden probably rather.


BlackBerry KeyOne
(bei Erscheinen)
Android 7.1
Display: 4,50 Zoll
1.080 × 1.620, 433 ppi
IPS, Gorilla Glass 4
Bedienung: Touch
Physische Tastatur, Fingerabdrucksensor, Status-LED
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
8 × Cortex-A53, 2,00 GHz
14 nm, 64-Bit
GPU: Adreno 506
650 MHz
RAM: 3.072 MB
Speicher: 32 GB (+microSD)
Kamera: 12,0 MP, 2160p
Dual-LED, f/2,0, AF
Sekundär-Kamera: Nein
Frontkamera: 8,0 MP, 1080p
Display-Blitz, f/2,2
↓42,2 ↑11,52 Mbit/s
LTE: Advanced
↓300 ↑150 Mbit/s
WLAN: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth: 4.2 LE
Ortung: A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Weitere Standards: USB 3.1 Typ C, NFC
SIM-Karte: Nano-SIM
Akku: 3.505 mAh
fest verbaut
Größe (B×H×T): 72,5 × 149,3 × 9,40 mm
Gewicht: 180 g
Preis: ab 599 €


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