WhatsApp Status: Permanent contact info returns with update

With the latest update WhatsApp returns the known contact status. After the feature last moved to a live feed, WhatsApp goes into a variety of critiques. Under the menu item “Info”, a text-based and permanent status can be specified again.

Coexistence and storage of old status

The contact information can be changed in the usual menu item. All status messages from the old version have been saved and can be called up again.

Shortly after the last update, which brought with it a live status following the example of SnapChat, a lot of criticism spread. A few days later a return of the old status was promised.

In addition to the return of the contact info, the update brings additional small adjustments. Videos can now be viewed during the download. In addition, shooting a photo in poor light conditions directly from the app has been improved.


WhatsApp UpdateWhatsApp Update


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