Google Maps: Share the travel history and location in real time

Google Maps: Reiseverlauf und Standort in Echtzeit teilen

Google has announced in its own blog a new location feature for Google Maps. Users will soon be able to share their current position and travel history in real time via PC or smartphone with other users.

When two Google Maps users are arranged with each other, they always know where the other is, and how long he or she needs to reach the meeting point.

New menu item “Share location”

To activate the new feature, users either open the app ‘s side menu or click the blue location point within the map. “Share Location” determines whether the feature remains active for a defined period of time or until the user resets it. Subsequently, the user decides which of his contacts receives the location data, which can be sent to individual or several people at the same time. The location link can also be sent via news app.

Users recognize their active location release at a symbol above the compass of the app. The selected contacts see the user as a round icon including profile photo on the map.

Also available via Navi-view

Apart from the normal map view, the function is also available via navigation view. To do this, simply tap the “More” button (small arrow at the bottom right), select “Expose travel history” and determine the contacts.

According to Google, the site release will soon be published both for the desktop browsers version and Google Maps versions for Android and iOS.



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