Workflow: Apple adopts automation tool

Apple has confirmed the purchase of the iOS automation tool workflow against TechCrunch. The developers of the app will also switch to the iPhone group. Workflow remains available in the App Store until further notice and has been available free of charge since the takeover.

Automation of whole chains of actions

The app, similar to Automator in macOS, takes care of the time-saving automation of any tasks, which usually require several individual steps. Workflow can, for example, create PDFs of websites or other content from any application by tapping the workflow icon from the iOS extension menu. Also 1-click actions like “Send a message with the last recorded screenshot” or “Find the nearest restaurant” are possible.

Users either choose pre-configured automation from the app’s own gallery or create their own workflows. The saved workflows are available via the application, the iOS extension menu as well as via the widget.

Apple now offers free workflow. Previously, the price was 2.99 euros.


Apple praises workflow for VoiceOver implementation

In a step that was unusual for the group, Apple was already considering TechCrunch to take over. Instead of the standard commentary “We buy smaller technology companies from time to time”, the iPhone manufacturer explicitly refers to the features of the application: “The workflow app has the Apple Design Award 2015 because of the outstanding use of the iOS -management aids functions. The very good implementation for VoiceOver, which makes the app usable and accessible to blind or bad-looking users, is worth highlighting. “

There is no indication of the amount of the takeover. The workflow developer team, which also moves to Cupertino, consists of Ari Weinstein, Conrad Kramer, Ayaka Nonaka and Nick Frey.

The workflow deal signals Apple’s continued interest in automation tools. After the dismissal of Sal Soghoian, Apple’s former Product Manager of Automation Technologies, there was initially speculation that Apple would not pay too much attention to automation.




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