Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Smartphone soon no longer rechargeable

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Smartphone bald nicht mehr aufladbar

The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is taken from the market because of a fire hazard, will soon not be recharged. The company confirmed a firmware update, which overrides the charging function. Samsung plans to begin the distribution of the update from the end of March.

Battery charging soon becomes impossible

As early as December, some users of note 7 reported on display messages, which suggested an early software modification to prevent further battery charging. At the time, however, only devices were used in combination with some US mobile radio providers. The current announcement relates firstly to Samsung’s home country South Korea, in which now, according to the group data, 97 percent of all sold note 7 were returned. In the course of the rollout process, however, all the 7th grade still used worldwide will be affected.

After charging the new firmware, the battery charging function will no longer work. This would allow the device to be used only with the mains plug connected. The use is however in any case not advised, since Samsung the sale already in October 2016 because of burned batteries set off.

Not the first limitation of Note-7 functionality

The update is not Samsung’s first measure to make the device virtually un-usable and to move customers to return the smartphone. Earlier updates have already resulted in a reduction in battery capacity of only 60 and then 30 percent of the original value. In New Zealand, the Group was able to use mobile communications.



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