Samsung Gear 360 (2017): 360-Grad-Kamera unterstützt Livestreaming in 4K

Samsung Gear 360 (2017): 360-Grad-Kamera unterstützt Livestreaming in 4K

Samsung has introduced the second generation of the 360-degree Camera Gear 360. The new model can be held better by the new design in the hand, the resolution in the video mode has been significantly increased. Also new is the Livestreaming feature of 360-degree video services such as Facebook and YouTube.

Improved ergonomics thanks to new design

The spherical design of the first Gear 360 (test) Samsung has partly adopted for the new model, instead of the three tripod legs sits below the ball with two lenses but now a real grip to hold on. This relatively small change to the design results in a significant plus in ergonomics along with the trigger positioned on the handle. A support ring made of rubber helps in setting up.

Two lenses are still used, each of which captures a little more than a half-sphere, which later is calculated by software to a motif, which can be viewed on a Smartphone, PC or even VR glasses like the Gear VR.


Less resolution leads to higher resolution

The resolution per sensor has reduced Samsung from 15 to 8.4 megapixels, the resolution in the video mode is now at higher 4,096 × 2,048 pixels, after only 2.560 × 1,440 pixels per hemisphere were possible before. The new maximum resolution limits Samsung to a refresh rate of 24 FPS. In the low-resolution video modes, 30 FPS are also possible.

Gear 360 and smartphone are paired with Bluetooth, but the camera also works without a smartphone, but without the option of instant control of the recordings. The data transfer between camera and smartphone is carried out again via Wi-Fi Direct. The camera itself stores its data on a microSD card.

While the first Gear 360 has only been able to adjust its recordings to 360 or 360 on Facebook or YouTube, the new model also dominates the Livestreaming to both services. An invitation to the stream can be sent to family and friends by SMS after the start of the recording.


Compatible with Android and iOS

The new Gear 360 has dimensions of 100.6 x 46.3 x 45.1 millimeters and weighs about 20 grams less with 130 grams. In the IP53-certified housing is a battery with 1,160 mAh. The Gear-360 app can be used on all current Samsung smartphones as well as devices from other manufacturers, which have at least Android 5.0 installed. In addition, the app is available for iOS 10.0 and later on the iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 6s (Plus) and iPhone SE for download. The desktop operating systems support Windows and macOS.

First generation cost 350 euros

At the current hour is not yet known when and at what price the new Gear 360 will come to the German market. Last year’s first generation cost about 350 euros, the price comparison currently calls about 240 euros.




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