Apple: iPhone is to receive true-tone display

Apple: iPhone soll True-Tone-Display erhalten

Apple is to plan for all models of the next iPhone generation True-Tone-Displays. What was originally expected for the iPhone 7 will be installed on the iPhone 8 with OLED display as well as the two LCD versions iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, according to several Barclays analysts.

More pleasant reading of texts

Currently, Apple uses True-Tone technology only on the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch display. Sensors within the housing continuously analyze the ambient light in order to be able to dynamically adapt the colors and intensities of the iPad display to the prevailing light conditions. The result is a more comfortable reading of texts, especially in darker rooms.

The effect reminds Apple of a white sheet of paper, which reflects the respective ambient light. The warmer the light source is, the warmer the display appears. True Tone is similar to the Nightshift Nightshift, which Apple introduced with iOS 9.3 and since macOS 10.12.4 also offers for the Mac.

IPhone 7 with extended color space, but without True Tone

Originally, it was already in April 2016, Apple put at the time still unpublished iPhone 7 on the iPad Pro (9.7 inch) known True Tone function. The assumption of various reports was based, among other things, on an assessment of the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is mostly well informed about new Apple products. He spoke at that time that Apple will use the same extended color space (DCI-P3) in the iPhone 7 as in the small iPad Pro (9.7 inches). However, the implied True Tone was not part of Kuo’s original prognosis. In the end, the iPhone received 7 DCI-P3, but no true-tone function.

Big iPad Pro is also to get True Tone

In addition to the three new iPhone models 7s, 7s plus and 8, which are expected for September, the next generation of the big iPad Pro is to receive the True Tone technology. The 12.9-inch version has so far without the function for better text readability.



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