Without PowerVR: SoC for iPhone and iPad in the future with GPU from Apple

Without PowerVR: SoC for iPhone and iPad in the future GPU of Apple

Apple will put in 15 to 24 months no longer in GPU technology of Imagination Technologies Group (Imagination). That’s what the developers of the PowerVR GPUs that Apple has used from 2010 since the SoC Apple A4 in the iPhone 4, announced. Imagination but does not want to accept that.

For Imagination Apple’s message is a major blow, the maker of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch with PowerVR technology was for years the most important customer – whether for PowerVR GPUs from the catalog, or the technology for developing its own GPU designs. With eight percent Apple is involved in the company itself, said to have been in 2016, even a takeover talks; Apple had, however, denied any concrete plans.

Imagination goes on the offensive

From the end of 2018 / early 2019 Apple now plans without being able to get on foreign technology or proprietary information, ” Apple has claimed that it has been working on a stand-alone, independent Graphics design to control its products and dependence on technology from Imagination future to reduce.

An announcement will not accept the imagination, however. ” Imagination believes that the complete rewrite of a brand new GPU architecture without the infringement of copyright is an extreme challenge” , the Group announces a press release. And evidence that Apple does not require use of the PowerVR technology were, were not submitted despite being requested. Apple’s announcement will therefore not accept the manufacturer. Instead, the supplier will take over the current license agreements into new negotiations.

The Apple SoCs for iPhones and their GPUs
Generation GPU is based on cores
Apple A4 PowerVR SGX 535 1
Apple A5 PowerVR SGX543MP2 2
Apple A6 PowerVR SGX543MP3 3
Apple A7 PowerVR G6430 4
Apple A8 PowerVR GX6450 4
Apple A9 PowerVR GT7600 6
Apple A10 Fusion PowerVR GT7600 Plus 6

Shares in freefall

Without information about the current licensing agreement remains open what exactly the renunciation of PowerVR technology from the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019 means exactly: It is conceivable that only the Apple A12 will be released for the iPhone of 2018 with an architecture developed by Apple itself GPU, old models A10 and A11 and PowerVR technology are still sold. But another option is the issue: The fact that Apple no products with PowerVR technology more sold at this time; in this case, the Apple A11 would have to be equipped with its own GPU, because that iPhone iPhone is still sold in two years eight 7s (Plus) /, which is expected.

Regardless of the announcement was not without effect on the stock market: On the trading floor in London’s imagination-tech shares are held for an hour, 63 percent below the price last Friday.



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