Samsung: 70 million OLED displays for the iPhone 8

Samsung: 70 Millionen OLED-Displays für das iPhone 8

Apple is increasingly preparing for the production of this year’s iPhone flagship. According to a report for the year 2017, the group ordered 70 million OLED displays from Samsung, all of which are intended for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Samsung is to become the only OLED supplier.

Samsung as an exclusive OLED supplier

Nikkei received the information from a not-named source of supplier circles. The report coincides with the estimate of the IHS market analyst David Hsieh, who quantified the total OLED production intended for Apple to over 95 million units. Samsung is targeting demand that exceeds expectations, and is targeting more than the originally ordered volume to prevent any bottlenecks.

Apple had chosen Samsung as the only OLED supplier because the South Korean company offered the most advanced technology in the sector and also had the necessary experience. In the past, there have been several indications on Samsung’s display production for the iPhone 8, with the order volume of 160 million in February, far exceeding Nikkei’s figure.

To date, the electronics company Sharp, which has been acquired by Foxconn, has also been considered as a possible OLED supplier. The display manufacturer recently also raised the production of OLED, which was interpreted as a battle for the iPhone-8 deal.

Face detection, wireless charging and no home button

The Nikkei report on the OLED production confirms some of the features already mentioned by other sources of the iPhone 8. The virtually frameless display is supposed to offer a 5.2-inch diagonal, which at first glance the Nikkei indication of 5.8 inches contradicts. However, the previous report also reported a 5.8 inch model, the actual screen area of ​​which is limited to 5.15 inches to display content. The rest of the display area uses Apple’s virtual bar, which is similar to the Touch Bar of the current MacBook Pro, and provides functions that are not defined in more detail.

Nikkei also reports water tightness and wireless charging. Apple’s suppliers are still faced with the challenge of getting to grips with the currently prevailing overheating problems of the wireless recharge technology. Another new feature of the iPhone 8 is a face scanner in the conversation to replace the fingerprint sensor as an authentication method. This would also eliminate the Homebutton, represented since the first iPhone on all Apple smartphones, in its current form.

The presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected for September. In addition, an iPhone 7s (4.7 inches) and 7s Plus (5.5 inches) should appear, which instead of OLED continue to rely on the LCD technology known from all previous iPhones. According to Nikkei, the latter two models are also equipped with wireless charging.



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