Apple: iOS 10.3.1 fixes WLAN security vulnerabilities

Apple: iOS 10.3.1 behebt WLAN-Sicherheitsl├╝cke

Apple released the update to version 10.3.1 a week after the release of iOS 10.3. According to the company, iOS 10.3.1 contains bug fixes “and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad.” In concrete terms, it is about a WLAN security problem.

WLAN security leak closed

The description of the update does not show any specific operating system areas, which the iPhone Group has taken care of. In the accompanying security document, however, there is a reference to a specific problem, which is to solve the latest iOS version. Apple calls a security vulnerability related to “Wi-Fi”. The vulnerability allows attackers to start arbitrary code on the WLAN chip by means of a buffer overflow.

Unlike iOS updates, there was no pre-release for developers or participants in Apple’s public beta program. Therefore, it is assumed that Apple with iOS 10.3.1 just want to solve an urgent security problem quickly and has not integrated any changes.

Beta of iOS 10.3.2 already available since last week

IOS 10.3.2 has been a beta version since last week. New features are not known. Apple reported developers of a solved problem with SiriKit, which can lead to errors in the operation of vehicle functions.



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