Digital cameras: Samsung allegedly introduces classic cameras

Digitalkameras: Samsung stellt angeblich klassische Kameras ein

Samsung is supposedly out of the market for classic digital cameras. This is reported by the South Korean publication The Investor. Instead the electronics company wants to establish a “new category” of digital cameras. In Germany Samsung has not sold since the end of 2015 no more cameras.

The investor refers in his report to a non-named Samsung employee. “We do not produce and sell any digital cameras anymore,” the employee is quoted. “But we will create a new product category for cameras to continue the business.”

How the products of this new category look like, the employee did not reveal. It is, however, obvious that it contains cameras such as the Gear 360, which records 360-degree video and is operated with the smartphone.

Samsung‘s last digital camera, available in Germany, was the NX500, a mirrorless system camera in retro design. Samsung justified the withdrawal from the German market with the fall in the demand for digital cameras. However, the digital cameras are no better in the world: In comparison to 2010, around 72 per cent fewer devices were sold in 2015. The dramatic decline in digital cameras coincides with the smartphone boom. Samsung, however – unlike other camera manufacturers – could benefit from this.



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