Amazon FreeTime Unlimited: Parental dashboard for more control and off-line fun

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited: Parental dashboard for more control and off-line fun

Amazon expands its children’s content flat rate FreeTime Unlimited. This time not on the side of the content, but with the parent dashboard, which keeps parents informed about the consumer behavior of the children. The parents’ dashboard provides a starting point for off-line activities with the children, with the “conversations”.

FreeTime Unlimited

FreeTime Unlimited is Amazons specially adapted to the needs of children adapted content-flat rate from apps and games, books as well as videos in the form of films and series. FreeTime Unlimited costs 2.99 Euro per month for a child or 6.99 Euro per month for up to four children. Without Prime membership, the prices rise to € 4.99 a month and € 9.99 a month. The Amazon Tablet Fire Kids Edition comes directly with a year of FreeTime Unlimited with no monthly fee.

The content of FreeTime Unlimited is aimed at children aged 3 to 12 years and is curated by Amazon. An orientation to the FSK release takes place, Amazon decides ultimately however even, which contents to which age group fit. FreeTime content comes without any advertising or in-app purchases.

Parents can influence FreeTime Unlimited, which content the child consumes and how much time with the tablet may be spent. Usage times and maximum screen-on times can be set. In addition, it is possible to define about 30 minutes of reading as a prerequisite for running games.

New parent dashboard for insight into children’s consumption patterns

With the new parent dashboard, Amazon expands the controls for parents. Through the parent dashboard you can now see exactly how many minutes the child has spent with which applications and what is the useful life. Once the child closes an application, the data is synchronized with the parent dashboard through Amazon’s servers.

However, the parent dashboard should be less a pure monitoring program for parents, but should also encourage interaction with the children in the offline world. Amazon wants to do this by displaying more information on the content consumed by the child in the parent dashboard. On the one hand parents receive a content content adapted to them, in order to obtain a rough overview of the content. In addition, questions are addressed to the child in order to facilitate a conversation about it. In doing so, care is taken that the questions do not lead to conversations with short yes / no responses, but rather form the beginning of a long conversation.

Promote offline activities with children

In the dashboard, parents also find inspiration for activities with the children. For Lego Batman, the suggestion might be made to make a mask with the child. For the three ??? A treasure search with the children is proposed. Questions and offline activities are not created automatically, but a team of Amazon writers takes care of the complementary content individually.

FreeTime Unlimited can now be used at no extra charge in combination with the parent dashboard. For synchronization, the child tablets must be connected to the Amazon account that the parents use for the dashboard. There are no specific Amazon accounts specifically for children. In principle, children can not access Amazon’s normal merchandise range or make purchases elsewhere. The parent dashboard does not require an app, but is managed via a responsive website, which adapts to all device classes.



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