Smartphone in house: iPhone 6s built from spare parts for 300 US dollars

Smartphone im Eigenbau: iPhone 6s aus Ersatzteilen für 300 US-Dollar gebaut

High-quality smartphones can hit a big hole in their wallet with a new purchase. This was also thought by Scotty Allen and quickly built an iPhone 6S from spare parts – cost point: around 300 US dollars.

In the process, the software developer took advantage of the fact that he is currently in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, which plays a special role as a special economic zone and a technical high-rise in electronics and telecommunications in China.

Finding the parts as the biggest problem

The real challenge did not exist as initially in the filigree assembly of the smartphone, but in the previous procurement of the individual components. This was not always easy: Allen, for example, had to combine his display glass, the LCD component and the background lighting from defective screens and new parts. Even if he could assemble the remaining components of the iPhone 6s himself, he left the merge of the display parts rather the expert.

iPhone 6s für 300 US-Dollar im Eigenbau
IPhone 6s for 300 US dollars in house (Picture: Scotty Allen)

But also finding the rest of the parts proved to be like searching the eggs at Easter, which was especially true of the main board with integrated fingerprint scanner: the initially planned own assembly of the logic board from individual components was rejected by Allen quickly, the reasons were in addition to the error When soldering, Apple’s touch-ID sensor is securely coupled to the board through its own Secure Enclave security architecture. Reliable functioning of the sensor could not be ensured.

In addition, parts had to be changed over again due to defects or damage. The battery turned out to be the cheapest component with 5 US dollars, even if it is still not sure whether it is really an original energy storage of Apple – which also applies to many other components. The case of the iPhone is supposed to be the easiest to procure, according to the hobbyist – here he opted for the execution in rose gold.

Two months and 300 dollars later …

At the end Allen needed about two months, a lot of patience and a lot of ways to get the spare parts, screws and knobs – the wage was an iPhone 6s for a total price of about 300 US Dollar, thus scarcely 280 Euro. This makes the iPhone 6s more than half cheaper than the price at launch in September 2015. The currently available 6s, the savings are nevertheless still scarcely 370 euros – even if this with 32 gigabytes has twice as large memory.

For Scotty Allen, however, the focus was not at all on price savings, but on the challenge of the project and its implementation. The choice to the iPhone 6s is, according to his statement, also due to the fact that for this model currently still many and cheap spare parts to buy. In the accompanying video, the hobbyist also gives insights into the partial, bizarre-looking project.



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