Apple: New rumors about the “iPhone Edition” and iPhone 7s (Plus)

Apple: New rumors about the "iPhone Edition" and iPhone 7s (Plus)

Rumors about the notion of two different iPhones this year are stubborn: in addition to a shallow update of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (test) on iPhone 7 s (plus), Apple is scheduled to the 10th anniversary of the iOS smartphone also a special , New unofficial pictures show how it might look.

IPhone 7s (Plus) and “iPhone Edition”

The fact that Apple plans two series, is now also in the past very well informed Mark Gurman on Bloomberg sure. To iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are currently circulating relatively little rumors, however, the update of the SoC to Apple A11 is in 10 nm. According to Gurman but the display is not on OLED changes. This technology is reserved for the special edition, rumors speak of 70 million units ordered at Samsung.

To this special edition of the smartphone are clearly more rumors, which are further supported by two photos of CAD models. As a result, Apple plans for the special edition with a considerably larger display compared to the case. The screen diagonal should be the 5.5 inches of the iPhone 7 Plus close, but the housing rather tend to the iPhone 7.

Technical drawing of the housing of the "iPhone Edition"
Technical drawing of the housing of the “iPhone Edition” (Picture: / LEAKS)
Technical drawing of the housing of the "iPhone Edition"
Technical drawing of the housing of the “iPhone Edition” (Picture: Sonny Dickson)

Large display in smaller housing

Two different presentations of a CAD model each of 72.5 mm width and 149.5 mm height – the new iPhone would be directly between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. With an 8.6 mm height, however, it could be thicker.

model width height thickness
IPhone 7 67.1 mm 138.3 mm 7.1 mm
“IPhone Edition” (unofficial) 72.5 mm 149.5 mm 8.6 mm
IPhone 7 Plus 77.9 mm 158.2 mm 7.3 mm

As Samsung in the Galaxy S8 and S8 + (test), Apple is also to give up a physical home button on the front, in order to be able to stretch the display clearly vertically. However, as Apple’s fingerprint sensor Touch ID then implemented, however, there are still different rumors. The CAD renderings indicate a positioning on the back, where there is a central opening in the housing. However, this could also be used for a different purpose and Touch ID can be implemented by ultrasound, for example in the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus (test) behind the display; An approach that Samsung has not followed. The dual camera could also undergo a revision on the new model, on the CAD model, the two lenses are no longer arranged next to each other, but one below the other.

Apple tests several designs for the special edition

Mark Gurman points out, however, that Apple has tested or tested different designs for the special edition. Depending on the version, the display might have been bent differently on the sides and the frame made of stainless steel more or less thick. Apple also experimented with a back of glass like the iPhone 4 (s). Against this background, it can not be ruled out that the now published representations were rejected again. No rumors are there to an even smaller iPhone. The fact that the iPhone SE (test) with 4.0 inches this year in the normal series is interfered, is therefore unlikely.



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