Festnetz alternative: Vodafone GigaCube offers flexible LTE with 50 gigabytes

Festnetz-Alternative: Vodafone GigaCube bietet flexibles LTE mit 50 Gigabyte

Where there is no fixed-line Internet via DSL or cable, Vodafone wants to offer with LTE an alternative. The new GigaCube is a faster, more flexible and with more data volume equipped alternative to the existing three tariffs of “LTE home”. In the Flex version, the monthly basic price only applies when used.

Vodafone wants to offer fast Internet also for households, which so far only with slow connection in the Internet are traveling or in the worst case can not be connected by fixed net. To this end, the Düsseldorf-based LTE mobile network is now using more than before. The two new GigaCube packages offer Vodafone with an LTE bandwidth of 150 Mbit / s. Up to 50 Mbit / s are currently possible in the “LTE Home” tariffs. Also with the included data volume there are changes: 50 gigabytes are standard, with “LTE home” depending on package 30, 15 and 10 gigabytes are possible.

LTE router from Huawei

The GigaCube is an LTE router from Huawei paired with a PIN-free SIM card from Vodafone. No technician is required for initial setup, buyers can get started immediately after inserting the SIM card. Vodafone offers the GigaCube in a total of four versions distributed on two packages. In the normal variant, the GigaCube costs once 1 Euro, the tariff package 24.99 Euro per month with existing Red or Young tariff as well as 34.99 Euro per month without Red or Young tariff.

Vodafone GigaCube
Vodafone GigaCube
Vodafone GigaCube
Vodafone GigaCube (Bild: Vodafone)

Flex variant costs only with actual use

Alternatively, Vodafone offers the GigaCube in the Flex package for a single price of 49.90 euros. In this package, the basic monthly price of 24.99 euros or 34.99 euros, but only if the customer is using the internet connection in the billing period actually. This makes the GigaCube Flex particularly suitable for holiday homes, campers or in the mobile office as well as on construction sites.

The red and young rates Red S, M, L, XL, XXL, Red 1.5 GB, 3 GB, 8 GB, 20 GB, Red Young are eligible for the monthly basic price reduced to 24.99 Euro , Red Young L, Red Young XL, Young M, L and XL. The GigaCube can be ordered from Vodafone on April 27th.

WTTx as an alternative to the fixed network

The GigaCube is activated at the push of a button and builds a WLAN for the locally used devices via LTE. The fact that Huawei supplies the technology is no coincidence. The company is very interested in the development of alternatives to FTTx with WTTx (Wireless Fiber to the X). Even the announcement of the second generation in Japan, however, WTTx was not a substitute for FTTx. The operators are therefore not taken from the responsibility of laying fiberglass. Much more WTTx according to Huawei is better suited to rural regions or countries, which traditionally set little on a fixed line.

480p video quality and up to 25GB of data volume

The mobile radio technologies 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE can be used in connection with the GigaCube, while a maximum of 150 Mbit / s is possible in the downstream. If the monthly data volume is used up, so-called Speedbucket packages with 1, 5, 10 or 25 gigabytes can be bought in one-time purchase for 2.99 euros, 9.99 euros, 14.99 euros and 24.99 euros. To ensure that the data volume is not consumed too quickly during video streaming, such content is automatically reduced to 480p quality. However, customers can deactivate this feature with an additional option.



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