IPhone 8: Apple dummy with back of glass and stainless steel frame

iPhone 8: Apple-Dummy mit Rückseite aus Glas und Edelstahlrahmen

Photos should show a dummy housing of the iPhone 8 or “iPhone Edition”. The front part consists of a virtually frameless display. The back of the case is made of glass and does not provide a fingerprint sensor. For the first few months after the start of sales, we expect strong delays in delivery.

Frameless display, black stainless steel frame

Twitter user Benjamin Geskin has published a series of photos on the social network to reveal the final design of the iPhone 8. Geskin speaks of a “CNC model” that comes from the Apple supplier Foxconn. The housing size and thickness (7.1 millimeters) correspond to that of the iPhone 7.

Schemazeichnung der iPhone-8-Komponentenanordnung
Schematic drawing of the iPhone 8 components (picture: Twitter)

Glass back without touch ID

The most striking change on the back of the housing is the material used. For the first time since the iPhone 4s an Apple smartphone would be equipped with a glass back, if it is actually the final design. Also the positioning of the dual camera, which still stands out of the case, differs from the iPhone 7 Plus. Both lenses are no longer arranged next to one another but are arranged one below the other.

Unlike the latest iPhone 8 pattern drawings, the newly populated images do not show a fingerprint sensor on the back. Another difference is the backing material. The rumors of last week were talking about aluminum.

A possible explanation for the different Leak designs is Apple’s methodology to test different prototypes for each new concept. Based on his model, Benjamin Geskin assumes that Apple has decided against the variant with the fingerprint sensor on the back and the aluminum case and instead places it on a glass case with a stainless steel frame.

Sales start in September with very limited number of items

Apple customers in the first few weeks after an iPhone’s new release, but mostly with delivery delays. For the new Apple gadgets, mostly well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects for the iPhone 8 but especially large delivery bottlenecks. New components such as the OLED display and technologies such as wireless charging are not only responsible for higher production costs, but should also ensure a very limited number of items for the first months after sales start.

Apple remains faithful to the usual September date for iPhone publications. However, massive production is not expected to start until October or November, which may mean that many buyers will have to wait until the first quarter of 2018 until they get their iPhone 8. At a planned start of sales in September, mass production usually starts in August.



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