Keyboard Mod: QWERTY keyboard slider financed for the Moto Z

Keyboard Mod: QWERTY keyboard slider financed for the Moto Z

The financing of the Keyboard-Slider “Keyboard Mod” for the Smartphone Lenovo Moto Z (Test), initiated via the Crowdfunding platform, has been successfully completed. With over 100,000 US dollar start-up funding, the development of a second prototype is to be tackled, which will be the basis for the production.

Keyboard slider for the MotoMods interface

The keyboard mod is to complement the Lenovo Moto Z with a full QWERTY QWERTY keyboard including backlighting, which communicates with the smartphone via the pins positioned at the back. If the keyboard is not needed, it remains hidden on the back. Extending and unfolded, it also serves as a stand for the smartphone weighing just 5.2 mm and 136 grams.

Almost 1,000 supporters have invested approximately 100 US dollars in the campaign on average, the entry is possible for $ 60 for the version with QWERTY or QWERTZ layout in the color black. Other colors cost $ 20 extra.

Manufacturing is more expensive than planned

With the completion of the financing, a second prototype is to be developed, which is more delicate and serves as a basis for the preparation of serial production after a successful test. However, this should be more expensive than the initiators had hitherto assumed. The reason for this is the planned high-quality framework for the tactile unit, which requires new tools in view of the limited availability of physical smartphone keyboards. ” With your ongoing support, we will be able to afford to take the new path, ” the makers are optimistic.

The keyboard mod is to be delivered in July 2017 in the variant with QWERTY keyboard, the QWERTZ version follows one to two months later. Prospects can continue to support the campaign, but probably have to wait a bit longer with their order. First of all, the sponsors who made the project possible at first are considered.

The Lenovo Moto Z has fallen heavily in price

The smartphone Lenovo Moto Z had last seen for attention, because the device in the offer at Saturn to 249 euros had fallen. Meanwhile, the price there again at 549 euros, alternative dealers offer the device from 300 euros on.



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