Satya Nadella: Microsoft is developing different-looking smartphones

Satya Nadella: Microsoft is developing different-looking smartphones

Is the SurfacePhone, the SurfacePort, the SurfaceBook, and the SurfaceLaptop? CEO Satya Nadella does not want to exclude new smartphones from Microsoft, but after an early announcement his description does not sound in a recently published interview.

In a podcast with volume, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken out in the context of the recently presented Education Initiative on smartphones. However, he remained rather vague and did not give any insight into Microsoft’s plans.

Microsoft is building (yet) smartphones

For the time being, Nadella explained that Microsoft currently offers phones. This is the Lumia 950, 950 XL and 650. In addition, OEMs like HP would also offer smartphones. Microsoft has focused on the Windows smartphones on the company’s important points such as management, security, and especially Continuum (test), which can convert a smartphone to the desktop PC. The high-end Lumia and also the HP Elite X3 (test) support this feature.

Successful mixing of two product classes

At the moment, Microsoft wants to ensure that all its software is available on the platforms iOS and Android. The company is also researching how devices will change in terms of form and function in the future. As an example of a successful project of this kind, Nadella calls the surface. Before Microsoft, no one thought of 2-in-1 devices, now this is a successful product class and steadily more of it came on the market.

Nadella is sure that Microsoft will develop more phones, but these will not look like phones you know today, he said. He does not go into detail. It could again be a mixture of two product categories that no other manufacturer has yet offered.



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