Apple: One billion dollars for new US manufacturing jobs

Apple: One billion dollars for new US manufacturing jobs

Tim Cook has announced an investment fund worth US $1 billion to promote American jobs in production. A larger number of advanced production jobs and operations is a stimulating factor for the US business location, according to the Apple CEO in the CNBC television program Mad Money .

New US jobs in production create more jobs

Cook describes the bill as a possible initial spark for more far-reaching job developments in the United States. More jobs in production are automatically a guarantor for many more jobs, as a whole service industry around the newly created jobs will form. The Apple CEO describes the measures taken as a job engine for the US.

Responding to the question of whether a company’s job is to create jobs, Cook emphasizes, ” Apple represents certain corporate values. “This is what we should be able to show socially. The in-house environmental initiative and new jobs are part of the ” return “. Apple alone has created more than two million jobs in the US and spent $ 50 billion in the US economy last year.

The US is to benefit from Apple’s prosperity

The hardwares party and rapidly growing product groups such as iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay and the App Store are the basis for long-term economic prosperity of the Group, which also benefits the US. In addition, Augmented Reality offers a great future potential for new product developments.

Further details regarding the fund – including the announcement of the company, in which Apple invested in the measure – should follow in the course of the month.

Trump calls for Apple’s production in the US

Apple’s job offensive for the US follows US President Donald Trump’s demand that the company increase the production volume in America. Tim Cook has already met with Trump to discuss ways to move jobs to America.

Trump recently negotiated with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou about further US investments of the supplier, which also supplies Apple. Gou already announced in January the construction of a display unit in the US, which should bring between 30,000 and 50,000 new jobs.



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