Apple: Bosch is to become a larger supplier for iPhone sensor technology

Apple: Bosch to be larger suppliers for iPhone sensors

By Imagination Technologies must now expect another Apple supplier with significant sales decline. As the industry magazine Bloomberg reported InvenSense is no longer in the new iPhone is the exclusive supplier of gyroscopes and accelerometers. Bosch should instead have been awarded a contract.

Apple already all the companies have perished

What can happen in no time with a company, if the turnover is generated largely from the supply business with Apple, had recently experienced Imagination Technologies, the PowerVR graphics solutions will in future no longer be integrated into the A-chips by Apple after development own solutions was made public by Apple. Two out of three ImgTec divisions therefore must be sold in order to streamline the Group. All companies have already perished from Apple, as the example of GT Advanced Technologies shows that failed on the complicated sapphire glass production for Apple’s iPhone. 6

InvenSense with location in San José supplies Apple currently with sensors for the iPhone, including exclusive gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect orientation and movement of the smartphone precisely for the operating system. According to economic experts, the deal with Apple is responsible for 60 percent of sales of InvenSense. Changes in the supply chain could therefore have associated effects on the financial figures of InvenSense.

Bosch will be the second supplier

Exactly this is supposed to happen but, as Bloomberg should have learned from business circles. Accordingly, the German company Bosch, respectively, the subsidiary Bosch Sensortec is to equip future iPhones with gyroscopes and accelerometers. It would not be the first order from Apple to Bosch: Currently, the Gerlinger Apple deliver with barometers for the iPhone.

The focus of the deal between Apple and Bosch expected to fall iPhone 7s and the speculated iPhone Edition should be available. Bosch will provide one half of the components InvenSense the other half – for the same iPhone number significantly less than before. For Apple it would be a normal procedure, not to become dependent on one supplier, and also negotiate two suppliers better prices. For a heavily dependent on Apple supplier, it would, however, passed with normality.



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