Modular Smartphones: Lenovo shows concept of a tablet as Moto Mod

Modular Smartphones: Lenovo shows concept of a tablet as Moto Mod

With the Moto Z (test), Lenovo has introduced modules to expand compatible smartphones in various ways. Unlike LG in the failed G5 (test), Lenovo tries to underline the holding of the Moto Mod platform. A new concept shows a tablet that is operated by the smartphone.

Idea not entirely new

The idea does not have a completely new look: As early as 2012, Asus introduced the padfone, a combination of a tablet dock and a suitable smartphone, and then continued in some successor generations. Lenovo also does not promise a ready implementation, the contribution on Twitter is more a hint of a corresponding concept.

The tablet recognizes the older Lenovo yoga tablets like the Tab 3 Pro (Test) from the year 2015. In the shown realization, the smartphone would be used in the tablet’s stand and enable the operation of the dock.

Lenovo sticks to the Moto Mods

Currently, Lenovo continues to stick to the Moto Mods, in 2017 12 more mods will follow. On the MWC 2017 Lenovo showed, among other things, modules for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, wireless charging as well as a gamepad for use as a handheld.

By hacking and winning, Lenovo wants to win more developers for Moto Mods. Just last week, a module for an extendable keyboard has been financed through Indiegogo. The Moto Mods are to be compatible for three generations according to Lenovo and currently work with Moto Z, Moto Z Play (Test) and the Moto Z Force, which is not available in Germany. Newly leaked picture material also results in the successor models of the mentioned smartphones with the necessary pins.



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