Action: LG G6 with 128GB microSD and cover at Saturn

Aktion: LG G6 mit 128-GB-microSD und Hülle bei Saturn

Up to May 17, Saturn offers LG’s smartphone flagship G6 (test) in a bundle with 128 GB of microSD and leather cover. The price of the smartphone is 699 euros. A look at the price comparison shows: It can be saved, but not always.

Together, the price of the accessories and thus the savings is around 55 euros. The action applies to all colors, but is not saved by everyone. For the black model there is in the price comparison in the free trade partial for under 640 euros. In white and silver, the G6 is around 660 and 680 euros respectively, which makes the savings clearer, especially for the silver version.

Alternatively, there is the G6 for example at Amazon Italy in black and silver for under 600 euros plus shipping.



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