HD VoicePlus: Better voice quality only with telecom smartphones

HD VoicePlus: Better voice quality only with telecom smartphones

With HD VoicePlus, Deutsche Telekom introduces an improved version of the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) to further improve the voice quality in the LTE network. The company promises a ” significantly significantly improved ” quality against HD Voice. The new standard is soon to work across the network.

Better quality in noisy environments and whispering

HD Voice Plus is available in the LTE network of Deutsche Telekom from now on and can be used. The feature is based on the EVS codec specified by the standardization bodies 3GPP and GSMA as successors for HD Voice. HD Voice Plus covers a higher frequency range of up to 20 KHz. With normal HD Voice is the limit according to Deutsche Telekom at 7 KHz.

With HD VoicePlus, Deutsche Telekom wants to improve not only the voice quality during telephone calls in the LTE network, but also minimize transmission errors and signal fluctuations. In addition, the quality in particular in a loud environment or when people very quietly entertain themselves better than before.

In order to be able to use HD Voice Plus, the user does not need to make any changes to the smartphone, as long as the LTE network is already on the line. The standard is now activated on the network operator’s side but can not be used with all devices.

Only three smartphones so far

Deutsche Telekom is leading a whitelist, which currently features the Samsung Galaxy S7 (test), Galaxy S7 edge (test) and Sony Xperia XZ (test). A further limitation must be the Telekom versions of the smartphones. Further smartphone models are to be released in the course of the year. Deutsche Telekom speaks explicitly of a ” first step ” with HD Voice Plus.

HD Voice Plus currently operates exclusively within Deutsche Telekom’s LTE network. However, network-wide calls are also to be possible shortly. The availability of HD VoicePlus depends on the interconnection of the respective network operator with Deutsche Telekom.



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