Noitel offers six months of free Infinity Pass to its customers

Noitel , thanks to recent investment in super-fast fiber, has decided to offer its customers a complete service of “added value”, combining subscriptions can access movies and TV series  taking advantage of the fast connections of the modern era.

Through the network offered by Noitel ( we remember it is an operator of satellite and mobile telecommunications ) we will be offered a wide range of content that can be accessed by all users, regardless of the geographic area where they are located.

But how do you access this content? Simply subscribe to an internet online subscription with Noitel Italy , so as to get six months free Infinity TV  and a pass that will allow you to connect to the platform to get the chance to see movies and TV series on multiple devices linked to a single contract.

Maria De Padua , Italy Noitel marketing manager, issued the following statement:

We are aware that they will be content to win on these network services becoming more and more accessories. To be competitive in our offer we will inevitably move towards this market by integrating our offer with that of the content provider. We therefore chose to forge an agreement with Mediaset Group that provides services audio-video on demand, such as Infinity, because we consider their web based platform simple and accessible from any device connected to the mobile network also.



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