DriveNow launches Handshake: today farewell to the parking problem

DriveNow, the joint venture car sharing service between BMW and SIXT SE, revolutionizes the world of car sharing with the new Handshake feature, which offers over 70,000 DriveNow customers a convenient car ride between users.

The new feature not only allows customers time savings and money, being a service that is paid per minute, but also generates a positive effect on urban traffic: on the one hand, it avoids long-term search Of cars, especially in particularly busy areas, and on the other hand it is possible to take advantage of increased availability of vehicles.

Using the new Handshake feature is easy. DriveNow customers will only need to enter the desired destination directly from the app and activate the option ‘Offer the car to destination’.

The prerequisite for activating the new function is that the destination is within the operating area. After activating the option, the app shows the availability of the vehicle at the destination, indicating also the estimated time of arrival.

If a DriveNow customer book a car with the Handshake option, the user in the car receives a message on the car display and the reservation remains active for as long as it is necessary to reach the destination, even for more than 15 regular hours , At no extra charge. Once you reach your destination, the driver selects ‘Car Delivery’ on the vehicle display and the new customer confirms the action by app by clicking on ‘Get in charge’. In this way, the previous rental ends and the next one begins.

If the customer who reserved the car does not arrive at the destination as agreed, there are no disadvantages for the driver, who can terminate the rental as usual, simply park the car in one of the permitted parking areas. In addition, if the driver or subsequent user cancel the option, both parties are immediately informed.

“Handshake is a revolutionary novelty for car sharing,” says Andrea Leverano, Managing Director of DriveNow Italia. “It is a non-binding agreement between two users who do not have to hire a car, but at the same time offers enormous benefits to customers: it saves time, avoiding exhausting search for available cars, money, And increases the availability of vehicles nearby. ”

DriveNow with the new Handshake option can thus ensure more efficient distribution and use of the fleet, especially when the amount of parking available is limited and the high demand, marking an important and innovative goal for car sharing, which thus becomes always More suited to the needs of the future.

The Handshake feature is available in Milan from today on App DriveNow (for iOs and Android operating systems).



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