Facebook trains chatbots with ParlAI

Facebook addestra i chatbot con ParlAI

Facebook strongly believes in the potentialities of chatbots, those software that try to imitate iteration with a human being. The goal is to make programs that can communicate more and more like people in flesh and bone. The social network, which now allows group administrators to propose surveys for those applying for membership, has therefore considered building a kind of chatbot training center.

The new platform is called ParlAI and is available in open source for all those working with these software. The service is made up of a number of databases that contain a huge amount of questions from users and answers given by chatbots on various topics. This data was collected by the same Facebook but also by Stanford University and Microsoft, which after some bad figures with his AI Tay attempted a new road with Zo. ParlAI also integrates the Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service that allows developers to test their chatbots in conversations with real people.



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