Pokémon GO celebrates the “Adventure Week” With rewards, discounts and avatars

Niantic announces a new 7-day event for Pokémon GO: Starting May 18th and 25th of the same month will start the “Adventure Week”.

The event will “honor” the memories and the collective journey up to this point (only in December the coaches covered a distance equivalent to that between Planet Earth and Pluto). During the event each Pokéstop will assign a larger number of items and the Poké Ball will be 50% discounted within the in-game store.

With the adventurous spirit of your Pokémon you can then find the candy four times faster than usual; We also recommend keeping your eyes open these days, because you may be facing rock-like Pokémon like Omanyte, Kabuto and even Aerodactyl. Finally, a new avatar, the Adventure Hat, was added for the occasion.

The “Adventure Week” of Pokémon GO will therefore be valid from 22:00 on May 18th to the same time on May 25th. Are you still playing the Niantic game for Android or have you abandoned it?



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