1 & 1 summer special with up to 8 GB LTE volume

1 & 1 summer special – Interested parties can now book one rates with a higher data volumes 1 &. As part of the summer specials of mobile operators donated up to 8 GB of data, depending on the network, including LTE.

1&1 Sommer-Special

In the online shop of 1 & 1 All-Net-house-Flats are available with a higher volume of data immediately. Based in Montabaur mobile operator is in the tariffs up to 8 GB volume ready and offers these in the networks of Vodafone and o2.

As part of the 1 & 1 Summer Specials the All-Net-Flat Special features 2 GB LTE volume instead of the usual 500 MB. In the All-Net-Flats Basic, Plus and Pro 4 GB, 6 GB, and 8 GB are included. Regular fares offers only 1 GB, 1.5 GB and 2 GB volume. The maximum data rate is in the network of O2 at up to 21.6 Mbit / s, provided by LTE. On the Vodafone network, it is up to 42.2 Mbit / s, however, is still missing the LTE access.

1 & 1 summer special with up to 8 GB

The tariff rates depend on the selected network. In the o2 network, the All-Net-Flat Special costs 9.99 euros in the first and 19.99 euros in the second year. The big brothers All-Net-Flat Basic, Plus and Pro are available in the first twelve months of 14.99 euros, 19.99 euros and 24.99 euros. From the 13th month, prices rise to 24.99 euros, 29.99 euros and 34.99 euros per month.

On the Vodafone network cost the four rates in the first year 14,99 EUR (Special) 19,99 EUR (basic), EUR 24.99 (Plus) and 29.99 euros (Pro). In the second year of the contract 19.99 euros, 24.99 euros, 29.99 euros and 34.99 euros per month will be charged. The combination with a smart phone is possible in both networks, the charge is usually 10 euros per month. a one-time purchase price also will be payable depending on the device.




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