Android phone is always out of battery? Do you know these tips?

For Android users, the battery life may be a trouble. The system openness brings a variety of fun ,at the same time, it will bring unnecessary consumption of the battery. In the case of improper use, it will appear charging for three hours and using for five minutes.

You don’t change another phone and use it as usual how to keep the battery more effective ?

Often, most of the phone’s power is consumed by the oversized display screen. In addition, the wireless network, TV viewing and games playing also take up some portion of the battery. In addition, there are some consumption you can not see ,such as display special effects, feedback of the key ,etc .

Reduce the screen brightness

Some people like to increase the brightness to maximum, so that the screen will be seen clearly, in fact, it’s not worth doing. Almost all android phones are with large screen, each screen will take more than 50% of total power consumption, brightness reduction can greatly decrease the consumption of the battery. And when you use the phone at home, the high brightness screen will hurt your eyes. It’s better to create shortcut icon to adjust the brightness . when you go out, you improve the brightness, and lower it commonly .

Turn off the key tone from setting

When you get a new phone, the phone manufacturers usually open all the buttons tone, including the key tone, touch tone, touch vibration. Therefore, normally you need to reset and turn off all the key sound when you get a new phone: open the phone settings – > sound .

Turn off GPS

GPS can provide us with positioning, but in daily life we use it seldom . the power consumption is much when it search for satellite . So except for locating , it’s better to turn it off.

Reduce the on screen time

You can select 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or never timing out .we recommend  30 seconds on screen interval.

Turn off the Bluetooth

If you want to save power of android phones , the first thing is to turn off the Bluetooth. Because Bluetooth is used to send information, so when you open it, it will continuously  consume your battery, only when you use the blue tooth ,you open it .or else , you need to turn it off.

Close wifi

We have to say most features of android phones need to use wifi . as the cheapest Internet services, wifi is welcomed by major android users. However, in most cases, wifi is only available when you’re at home or in the company, so when you do not want to use it, put it off ,or else ,it will continue to scan wifi signal nearby, it will cost power. Or you can choose in advanced settings, select ‘sleep when the screen is off’, so that it will save power.

Turn off the vibration

Mobile phone built-in micro motor will consume power when it vibrate, once an app which change the vibration to massage is installed ,it cost much power . the suggestion is only when it’s necessary to open ,you open it. Other conditions, you could close it . I believe when you’re doing this , it will save much power .

Try not to speak in weak signal

Nowadays , Android phones are smart, when the signal is weak , the phone will increase the power of the antenna. So that not only radiation will increase but the battery consumption will increase . the best places for using the phone are open and wide.  try to avoid places like elevators, aircraft, deep forests .

Always turn on/off the phone

Some friends feel annoyed , in order to save power for 0.5 hour, they always turn on/off the phone . in fact, it won’t  save power ,because whenever you boot the phone, it will start loading app and play animation film, these consume much power.

Do not use dynamic interface

There are a lot of people use dynamic interface in order to make it look dazzling, you know it will cost much power to support it . if you are not a visual enthusiast , you just want to show off to friends, you don’t have to use this dynamic interface .

Avoid using background and memory management app

If you use such management software, when you check the power consumption ,you will find they take up at least 10% of the power, and when they kill the software process ,it will be overloaded and give CPU Burden, resulting in Android phone battery consuming fast.

Close the active but unnecessary programs in background

A lot of software are back to background and connect to the network automatically when you thought they exit . these apps are the battery killers, you need to find these ‘disgusting’ apps and shut them down in background.

The loss of battery is irreversible, improper use or maintenance of the battery will shorten the battery life. At present, more and more mobile phone batteries are non-removable, we need to care about the battery life while we care about the power .

For battery charge, usage and life extension, here are 6 tips from Google .

1.use the proper adapter and charger.

2.keep the phone in cool condition : the device will become hot in charging, so after that stop keeping charging . do not need to fully charge and discharge the battery to make the phone realize its battery .Therefore, you do not need to optimize the battery in the energy-saving calibration, and apps like battery repair are unnecessary  .

4.keep the battery power maintaining more than half.

5.Often charge and each time less : often charge and each time less is a good way . it’s not good to charge when it’s out of battery every time .

6. Keep at least half of the battery capacity when you don’t plan to use it for a while .

In fact, the most influential factors of life are the battery design, hardware performance and operating system. The larger the battery is , the longer it will be used. CPU and display also determine the power consumption speed. The manufacturers vary greatly of the operating system optimization skills . Some manufacturers intend to design the android system huge and complex and difficult to close the pre-installed software, and it’s easy to consume power.



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