O2 Free 15 GB tariff: Telefónica attacks competitors

Telefoica E-Plus o2Telefónica takes advantage of competition – With the o2 Free 15 Jubiläumstarif , movement is entering the mobile market again. The network operator o2 offers from May 23 a 15 GB tariff for under 30 euros. Even if it is a birthday star, the offer is a clear attack on the competitors.

O2 Free 15 – Attack on competitors

After the planned takeover of Drillisch by 1 & 1, the mobile market does not come to rest. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the network operator offers an Allnet tariff with 15 GB of LTE data volume for the price of under 30 euros. The o2 Free 15 tariff should be available from 23 May to 5 September 2017 inclusive. The vendor is also planning further campaign offers until the beginning of September.

For a mobile phone offer at these conditions a very long time (15 weeks). The o2 Free 15 anniversary star is therefore to be interpreted as a clear attack on the competitors. In general, it can not be excluded that o2 will extend the availability of the offer. However, it is hardly to be expected that the competitors will not respond with their own offers within the period of action.

Competitors will counter o2 offer

The competitors, above all Drillisch, are already likely to respond to the o2 offer in the next few weeks. Up to now Drillisch offers almost 5 GB LTE tariffs for about 30 Euro. A 10 GB LTE rate is available for the McSIM brand only for around 70 euros.

But also the Telekom, which recently set with StreamON music and video new standards in streaming and Vodafone are somewhat under pressure. With the MagentaMobil L + Telekom currently offers a 10 GB mobile phone tariff incl. StreamON option from monthly 70 euros. Vodafone offers the RED XL tariff – thanks to 50% more data volume – a comparable tariff with 14 GB data volume for 44.79 euros (from the 13th month 64.79 euros).

The gap between the new o2 anniversary offer and the current offers of the Telekom and Vodafone will be even more pronounced, comparing the mobile phone offers up to 30 euros. At this price the customer receives the MagentaMobil S tariff with 1 GB of data volume (without StreamON option). At Vodafone, new customers in the RED S tariff receive at least 3 GB of data volume.



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