Samsung Galaxy S8: Burned OnScreen Keys and Lahmes Fast Charging?

With the widespread use of the Samsung Galaxy S 8, the feedback from users that indicate different problems with the smartphone are increasing for several weeks. After the device has been punished already in a standard drop test, it now seems to be problems with the battery and the display of the high-end model. Given the high sales figures certainly can not expect a particularly high relevance of the cases, but for the individual owner of the effects are possibly annoying.

After Note7 debacle last year, the South Koreans are in urgent need S8 Plus to a success of their current top models Galaxy S 8 and Galaxy, ultimately it is also about restoring the confidence of customers. Accordingly, the trade media attention still watching each message in the various support forums, where there could be early warnings of potential problems with one of the best-selling smartphones.

After the Stiftung Warentest had certified the Galaxy S8 compared to other current smartphones disappointing resistance to drops and bumps, the device in other categories has more say more. In addition to the battery is of course also the display particular focus, because with just that there were already a few weeks ago the first visible errors. A considerable number of users reported an inexplicable reddish, Samsung could fix with a software update, fortunately, quite promptly. Far less frequently appeared so far to messages from users who discovered the Galaxy S8, the ominous “Pink Line of Death”, which already announced the previous model S7 the imminent death of the display.

“Pink Line of Death”: Threatens Samsung Display a debacle?

The language assistant Bixby available in a few months can still be recorded as annoying, but tolerable in everyday restriction, even if it reduces the “value” of the top model of course. Strangely, Samsung is the specially implemented Button, however, in the transition period is not free and prevents users the place otherwise – can prove – for example, with the Google Assistant.

“Fast charging” with the handbrake on

The colleagues of Phandroid have now dedicated themselves in a somewhat more detailed test of almost Charging function of the smartphone and found that this is not working well. Samsung supplies the Galaxy S8 with a “Adaptive Fast Charger” from that in about two hours to the battery of the smartphone to charge one hundred percent and as much as possible with 9V / 1.6A or 5V / 2A corresponds to what Qualcomm promises Qickcharge 2.0 , That works but apparently only when the smartphone while not in use. Even a between switched-display extended charging a really incomprehensible amount of time.

In Phandroid you were disturbing mainly because Samsung nowhere documented this behavior and user de facto misleading. Although appearing on the display of the Note, the smartphone will be loaded via “fast charging”, the charging rate will actually throttled. Compared to other models such as the ZTE Blade V8 Pro or the OnePlus 3T this concealed from the user behavior constitutes a clear disadvantage.

Video: The Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) in the test

Branded on-screen buttons

Much more dramatic problems are likely to be, one of which in the meantime reported other users. Accordingly, the on-screen keyboard of the operating system to burn in some Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus at the bottom in the AMOLED display of the two smartphones. Samsung claims to have established in a first investigation of the incidents that the users concerned have made individual settings in the Developer options of the devices by the will cause this effect. Actually, there is a protective mechanism against this burning, the will but disabled through the settings.

Of course settings should only be changed manually in the developer options when you familiar with the particular subject matter and can assess the impact. However, the problem quickly aging (sub-) pixels of AMOLED displays at Samsung was supposed to well known and a contrast implemented, device-specific security mechanism not be “easy” overturn accordingly. The affected users will disturb law because there was no separate warning by Samsung here.



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