Motorola: Moto Mod turns smartphone into a tablet

Motorola: Moto Mod macht aus Smartphone ein Tablet                                                                (C) Motorola

Lenovo, the smartphone manufacturer Motorola apparently wants to offer a Moto Mod, which makes a tablet from a smartphone. What sounds exciting, but ultimately an old hat: Among other things, competitors Asus with this idea (Padfone) could not get through.

Through his Twitter account Motorola has shown the concept of a Moto-Mod as a short animation, which makes a tablet from a smartphone. For this purpose, the mobile phone is inserted into the tablet and supplies the computing power for the large display. The tablet mod is held in the typical Lenovo design with a thin touchscreen, the technology is embedded in a round bead on one of the wide ends of the display. A freely swiveling stable metal plate with an insert pocket for the smartphone serves as a stand of the Moto Mod.

Although the Moto-Mod concept is thought to be primarily for the just over five millimeters thick smartphone model Moto Z, the composite “tablet” is relatively thick and heavy – a problem with which already Asus in the Padfone series fought. The first Padfone came on the market in 2012 and existed analogously to the new Motorola concept vaus a smartphone as a drive for a tablet sleeve. Two years and a few Padfones later, Asus reintroduced the idea again because of lack of success. One of the reasons for the flop was connected with the presentation of apps: In the first versions, the smartphone and tablet dock had different display resolutions.

Today’s biggest dilemma: phone or tablet? This #ModsConcept could offer you both. Simple, smart, easy!
– MotoGlobal (@Moto) May 10, 2017

Another and probably more crucial problem was the price for the devices: smartphone and tablet dock cost about as much as a better smartphone and tablet together – a bad condition for the actually interesting idea. If Motorola for the tablet mod synonymous a high price, the Lenovo brand’s advance threatens the same fate.

Moto Z with MotoMods in pictures (19 pictures)

Moto Z | (c) LenovoMoto Z | (c) LenovoMoto Z | (c) LenovoMoto Z | (c) Lenovo

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To be cheap is not both together but certainly not: Finally, the Moto Z at the beginning as a top model alone is anything but a bargain. Only recently, the electronics markets Media Markt and Saturn sold the smartphone for a ridiculous price.

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