Telekom unlocks HD Voice Plus for higher voice quality

Telekom schaltet HD Voice Plus für höhere Sprachqualität frei

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According to Vodafone also the Telekom switches the EVS codec for higher voice quality with Handytelefonaten. First, “HD Voice Plus” only works with LTE network-internal conversations and only with selected smartphone models. However, the availability will soon be expanded.

What Vodafone under the name “Crystal Clear” advertises, is called Telekom “HD Voice Plus” quite technically. Telekom is now offering a better voice quality for mobile phones in the LTE network via the standard EVS (Enhanced Voice Services) specified by 3GPP and GSMA. Initially only in the case of network-internal conversations, shortly, however, probably synonymous across the network. The number of Smartphone models equipped for HD Voice Plus is limited to three: Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Sony Xperia XZ. According to Telekom, more smartphone models will follow in the course of the year. Vodafone customers can also use the Huawei P10 (Plus) and the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) for calls in “crystal clear” voice quality.


According to the mobile operator, HD VoicePlus provides an even more comprehensive sound and quality experience between HD-enabled telephones in the mobile network. The EVS codec extends the speech service to the entire human-audible frequency range of 20 kHz instead of the otherwise usual 7 kHz. “As if you would sit directly opposite as a conversation partner,” the Telekom describes the listening experience. At the same time, the new standard is more robust against transmission errors and signal fluctuations.

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HD VoicePlus is automatically activated if the telecom customers and their call partner in the LTE mobile network use a compatible smartphone. Depending on the smartphone model, users may need to update the device’s software. Booking of HD Voice Plus as tariff option is not necessary. The monthly data volume of the customer is not burdened by Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

More information on HD Voice Plus is provided by Telekom on its website. According to the mobile operator, the mobile operator achieves 95 percent of the population in Germany with his LTE network.



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