Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus): “Fast Charging” is not always fast

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus):

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The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 almost emptied, but the smartphone is still to last the night? Here, the fast-charging function of the new Galaxy smartphone is an immediate measure. Unfortunately the Galaxy S8 loads with it however not always as fast as indicated.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a quick-charging function, which the smartphone via the adaptive charger within one and a half hours from 0 to 100 per cent battery charge is to bring. However, there is a catch: Fast Charging apparently only works if the display of the Galaxy S8 is switched off, as Phandroid now reported after several tests. A feature that Samsung does not, however, in its data sheet or the support area on the subject of quick downloads, as is the case with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.


If the Samsung Galaxy S8 is charged with the display off, it usually takes a little over an hour and a half before the 3,000 mAh battery is fully charged. The situation is different when the display is switched on when charging, even if the device itself is not used and is actually not really loaded. The charging process takes almost three hours, twice as long as the screen is off. Nevertheless, the smartphone shows at any time that it is currently being charged quickly.

ZTE and OnePlus show how to do it right

The fact that the battery of a smartphone recharges more slowly when the display is switched on or than when it can be recharged unaffected seems not surprising at first sight. But when comparing the Galaxy S8 with other smartphones, the charging process of the 3.140 mAh battery of the ZTE Blade V8 Pro takes just under an hour and a half, even though the display is switched on and a YouTube video is played through. A behavior that would also be expected from the twice as expensive Samsung Galaxy S8.

Other smartphones such as the Pixel XL from Google with QuickCharge regulate the charging speed, for example, only when the smartphone reaches too high temperatures when used. Everything is right at this point OnePlus: The one-battery charging operation via Dash Charge of the OnePlus 3T is not affected by the load on the phone. This is made possible by the outsourcing of the technology, whereby the power supply instead of the smartphone warms. The fact that Dash Charge does a good job even at workload, OnePlus already impressively showed in a video.

Wer das volle Potenzial der Schnellladetechnik des Samsung Galaxy S8 ausnutzen möchte, sollte also darauf achten, das Smartphone während des Vorgangs nicht zu benutzen. Wie störend das für einen ist, muss natürlich jeder Nutzer für sich selbst entscheiden. Schade ist, dass andere Hersteller – zum Teil deutlich günstigerer Smartphones – die eigene Schnellladetechnik besser in ihr Smartphone integrieren.

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