Moto X4: Moto Z2 Play is the first of its kind to look old

Moto X4: Moto Z2 Play is the first of its kind to look old

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After a year on the substitute bank, the Moto-X series seems to be on the verge of returning to the field. With a high-quality and waterproof housing, a dual camera and an ex-portable battery, Lenovo might be able to make a comeback.

Last year, the Moto-X series had to suspend, the new Moto Z should henceforth occupy the top of Lenovo. The manufacturer wanted to copy the Moto X, but not according to his own statement, as was also evident at various – so far, but always different models show Leaks. Now there are several news to a new representative of the series. On the one hand Evan Blass writes in a tweet that the new Moto X is marketed under the name Moto X4 and wants to present with the corresponding logo also the proof. This will hopefully put an end to the generations of sporting generations and the need to get used to it.


On the other hand confirmed by a short video, secretly filmed at a presentation of Lenovo and put on the web that the Moto X4 will not bring high-end equipment. Instead, the new mid-class processor Snapdragon 660, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB memory in the smartphone plug. The display with a still unknown resolution is 5.5 inches in size, including a fingerprint sensor as in the Moto G5. The housing of the new Moto X consists of a metal frame and a glass back and is protected against water and dust according to IP68 certification. A module connection as with the Moto-Z smartphones apparently does not exist.

The camera of the Moto X4 consists of two lenses, two different color LEDs for the flash and a laser autofocus and is advertised in the presentation as “Smart Camera”. What exactly is behind this is currently as unclear as the statement “AI Integration”, which could be a dedicated assistance service or the integration of Alexa or the Google Assistant. On board the smartphone should be the always-on functions already known from the first Moto X, the language assistant can be started at any time with a hotword. The battery of the Moto X4 should be 3,800 mAh and support Quick-Charge.

Unboxing: The Moto Z Play with accessories unpacked (52 pictures)

Lenovo Moto Z Play | (C) AreamobileLenovo Moto Z Play | (C) AreamobileLenovo Moto Z Play | (C) AreamobileLenovo Moto Z Play | (C) Areamobile

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The Moto X4 is perhaps the better Moto Z2 Play

The Moto X4 is supposed to carry the “perfection and the impression of a flagship device”, but at a “friendly price”. How high this price will be is not yet known. The new Lenovo smartphone is to be presented according to current information timely to the new Moto-Z devices, which in turn provide a connection for the Moto Mods. If you can do without the modules, at least after these preliminary data in the Moto X4 probably the real true successor to the Moto Z Play.



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