Blackberry Ontario: The Z30 successor should look like this

BlackBerry Ontario: So the Z30's successor should look

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Fans who swear BlackBerry for more than a decade, the loyalty, should be somewhat wistfully at the sight of this Smartphones: New photos show the BlackBerry Ontario, which should complement Passport and Classic models, but never appeared.

It happens that smartphones are still set the stage of its test phase for a number of possible reasons and not sold. Rare, it has, however, when such devices will still get some time later to the public, as is now done with a BlackBerry smartphone, codenamed “Ontario”. The BlackBerry Fanblog CrackBerry has reached a prototype of the smartphone, which we first reported more than three years and that should go 800 and 2GB of memory as a high-end model in the race with the then current Snapdragon.

“Ontario” – or Z50 – should appear in the same time window in which the models “Windermere” aka BlackBerry Passport and Classic entered the market. And indeed, we see the prototype outside an affinity for Passport: The camera is easy from here and also two-piece back is likely to be made of a similar soft-touch material. In addition, the operating system BlackBerry OS to have been pre-installed 10.3. The difference is that the “Ontario” just a smartphone without physical keyboard, it features as the spiritual ancestor Z30 only a touchscreen. Which would have been 5.2 inches tall and have content in full HD display.

Blackberry Ontario | (c) Crackberry

Blackberry Ontario | (c) Crackberry

The Times have changed

Why BlackBerry has decided against the publication of the “Ontario”, is not known. Perhaps even then the faltering company wanted to show its strengths with the keyboard smartphones Passport and Classic to the test and rebelled become users of Apple and Android smartphones recover. Unsuccessfully, as it turned out. Since 2014 so much has changed for BlackBerry and its clientele. Known for its secure software has become company turned to Google’s Android and lets smartphones like the KeyOne under the umbrella of “BlackBerry Mobile” are now building from manufacturers such as TCL and distribute.

BlackBerry KeyOne: The Android smartphone with keyboard in Unboxing (74 photos)

Blackberry KeyOne | (c) AreamobileBlackberry KeyOne | (c) AreamobileBlackberry KeyOne | (c) AreamobileBlackberry KeyOne | (c) Areamobile

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