Freenetmobile FreeFlats in the D-network are cheaper

freenetmobilefreenetmobile FreeFlats – The freenetmobile FreeFlats 1000, 2000 and 4000 are now cheaper available. Freenetmobile offers the tariffs with and without running time and realizes them in the network of Vodafone.

Freenetmobile FreeFlats cheaper

In the online shop of freenetmobile, the FreeFlat tariffs 1000, 2000 and 4000 are available immediately. The discounter has partly lowered the monthly prices and offers own data according to the best flat in the D-network. Freenetmobile uses Vodafone’s UMTS and HSDPA network.

The tariffs are available with a term of 24 months and with a monthly notice period. The FreeFlat 1000 costs 9.95 euros per month and is available without a long bond for 11.95 euros. The freeFlats 2000 and 4000 hit with a running time of 11.95 euros and 14.95 euros per month. The monthly noticeable variants cost 13.95 euros and 16.95 euros.

freenetmobil FreeFlats ab 9,95 Euro

The FreeFlat 1000 offers a language pad in all German networks as well as a mobile data sheet with 1 GB and up to 21 Mbps. An SMS costs 9 cents. The FreeFlat 2000 and FreeFlat 4000 also contain a language slab in all German networks as well as a mobile data file, in addition the tariffs have an SMS Flat. The mobile data volumes are 2000 MB and 4000 MB, the maximum surfing speeds at 21 Mbit / s and 42 Mbit / s.

After reaching the volume limit, the maximum data rate is throttled to GPRS level with up to 32 Kbit / s. The one-off connection price is 19.95 euros (with running time) and 29.95 euros (without running time).

At, the low-priced rates are now available.
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