Roam like Home from 15 June 2017 valid

Roam like Home – The new EU roaming rules will enter into force on 15 June 2017. The Consumer Center in Saxony welcomes the move, but also warns of turmoil, which some providers are already installing now.
Roam like Home

Just in time for the start of the holiday season, the new EU Roaming Ordinance will enter into force on 15 June 2017. Mobile telephony providers must adjust their tariffs at this time and are not allowed to charge additional charges for calls, SMS and megabytes in EU countries. “Roam like Home” provides that the domestic tariffs can be used without additional costs in other European countries.

In April 2016 some providers voluntarily abolished additional roaming charges in their tariffs. “The other providers will have to change existing contracts and will not be allowed to pay extra charges from 15 June 2017, even if the contract is different,” says Katja Henschler from the Consumer Center of Saxony. “Flatrates therefore apply cross-border, tariffs which are dependent on time or volume must be settled at the same rate in Germany and abroad.”
Roaming with tripping

Nevertheless, mobile customers should not blindly rely on their providers. Some mobile operators want to circumvent the new requirements by providing tariffs that do not include roaming from the start. “Since these restrictions are regularly hidden in the small print, consumers should pay close attention to the foreign conditions at the time of signing the contract,” advises Katja Henschler.

Another risk is the so-called fair-use policy, which allows providers to check how often their tariffs are used abroad. “Vendors themselves are allowed to set a limit to the intensity of their use abroad. If the customers exceed these, the bidders may collect surcharges from the customer (the so-called fair-use policy). This is intended to prevent a customer acquiring his SIM card in a state with particularly cheap mobile phone prices and using it completely or predominantly in his home country, “explain the consumer protectionists.

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