1 & 1 Leasing: Peugeot offer was obviously too successful

1 & 1 Leasing with Peugeot – In early March, 1 & 1 offered its customers an attractive leasing model for a Peugeot 208. The offer was clearly more than successful and ensured that the action was not only prematurely discontinued, but also three top managers had to take their hat.

1 & 1 Leasing with Peugeot

1 & 1 customers who booked an All-Net-Flat of the provider in March and April 2017 were able to secure an attractive lease as Goodie. 1 & 1, Sixt and Peugeot offered the Peugeot 208 from 99.99 euro per month, including car tax, liability and comprehensive cover. In addition, 10,000 kilometers were included in the price, the duration was one year.

The offer seemed to be well received by interested parties and customers. Apparently too well, as early as mid-April, 1 & 1, Sixt and Peugeot entered the offer and took them off the market. Originally it was to be available until June. Above all, Peugeot was more than annoyed by the unexpectedly high demand and acknowledged them with the dismissal of three high-ranking managers.

More than 5,000 leasing orders

Within a few weeks, some 5,000 prospective buyers would have secured a Peugeot 208 at the special price, it says. At Peugeot one had expected with few hundred bookings. At the same time many Peugeot dealers were confronted with an above-average number of test drive requests and were not very enthusiastic about them. No wonder many customers drove the car sample and then booked it not through the dealer, but through the leasing offer of 1 & 1 – at a price that was about 40 percent below the list price.

But not only the traders had to lose some of their losses, and for Peugeot itself, the action was a minus in millions. Added to the anger with the traders, who were not informed in many places and felt passed. The deal was promptly discontinued, and Peugeot Germany’s Benno Gaessler, Citroën boss Holger Böhme and Olivier Ferry, head of PSA’s German leasing division “Free2Move Lease”, were dismissed.



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