Lenovo Moto X4 (2017): New top model with dual camera planned

Moto X ForceMoto X4 with Dual Camera – Last year, Lenovo had not introduced a new Moto X, instead new top smartphones, according to the manufacturer, should be from the Moto Z series. Nevertheless, a new Moto X appears under the designation Moto X4 shortly before the start.

Moto X4 probably just before the start

Motorola had last year a Moto X brought into the trade. The successor, rumored to be, under the designation Moto X4 just before the release.

A few weeks ago, first pictures of a suspected Moto X successor had appeared. Currently, there are new specifications that seem quite credible. This includes a secretly shot video and a tweet by Evan Blass. According to the video, the Moto X4 is a very well-equipped mid-class smartphone.

Video reveals details

It is relatively certain that the successor to the Moto X from 2015 will start with the new designation Moto X4. In an internal Lenovo presentation was secretly shot a video, which gives first specifications to the Moto X4, gsmarena reports. Thus, the smartphone is not a high-end device, but ranks in the upper middle class. The drive will be powered by the recently introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, including 4 gigabytes of memory.

The case is, as with the Samsung Galaxy S8, IP68-certified, therefore well protected against water and dust. Similar to the Huawei Honor Magic, the housing is made of metal and has a 3D glass coating. It assumes a dual camera and two different color LED’s for the flash, as well as a laser autofocus. The operation of the Moto X4 probably takes place via a 5.5-inch “Always-on” display. The battery is specified in the video with 3.800 mAh capacity and offers “Quick Charge”. The Moto X4 is the “perfection and the impression of a flagship” and offer the “friendly price”, the video continues. Other features are a “smart camera” and the integration of artificial intelligence. Cover: Moto X Force.
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